The Bachelor of Arts in Art is a liberal arts degree that provides students with an opportunity to gain a broad background in visual art. As a student in this program, you will select a minor that complements your studies in Art. Through this degree program, you will learn creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills useful in a variety of career applications and personal aspirations toward lifelong learning.

The program begins with the same foundation courses that are common to all students in the Department of Art, enabling you to gain the principal skills that will be utilized in upper-division coursework. You may then pursue beginning and intermediate level coursework in a variety of media, or you may take a sequence of courses in one medium; this degree offers a high level of flexibility.

You are also encouraged to take Integrated Media courses, where you will have opportunities to work with interdisciplinary approaches that can build skills in collaboration and innovative problem-solving. Please refer to the Integrated Media brochure to learn more about the specific Integrated Media coursework.

As an intermediate student, you will take a course on writing in the discipline, ARTH 2600 Reading and Writing Visual Culture, and finish your degree with a Senior Capstone course, ART 4710 Art Senior Experience, that synthesizes what you have learned through a variety of activities that may include exhibition reviews, proposals for curatorial projects, and research projects.

The Bachelor of Arts in Art degree prepares students to:

  • Select, evaluate and apply appropriate research resources to develop and support their ideas.
  • Apply creative processes to the design and completion of works of art that communicate compelling ideas.
  • Clearly synthesize ideas about visual art in verbal form.

Student swatching paint in their sketchbook

Download Degree Requirements:

Art Major, BA

Four Year Progression Plan

BA Required Advising Checklist