Hi everyone! My name is Rowdy and was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I enjoy attending MSU Denver athletic games, admissions events, cheering on students on their first day of classes, welcoming new students, and giving out high fives. I consider myself an Early Bird and am very outgoing. You can find me on campus roaming about taking pictures with everyone.

Species: Roadrunner

Major: Mascot Training

Minor: Public Speaking… I don’t like talking in front of people

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Favorite Colors: Red and Blue

Favorite Food: The iloviT Market!

Favorite Candy: Worms… the gummy kind.

What Inspires you? MSU Denver students, faculty and staff.

Things Involved With At MSU Denver: Orientation, Homecoming, Sporting events, Spring Fling, and any other events that MSU Denver hosts! Oh… and Track. I’m very fast!

Hobbies Outside Of MSU Denver: Ultimate High-fiving (sport), working on my selfies, exploring Colorado, and attending parades

Fun Fact

When MSU Denver was founded, the mustang was chosen as its mascot. However, since the students had to run across roads between numerous buildings scattered throughout downtown Denver to get to their classes, they took a vote and decided the “roadrunner” would be a more appropriate and meaningful mascot in 1977.